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Hawk Levy Bio

     Steve “Hawk” Levy moved to Hollywood Florida at the age of 13 from New York.  At that early age Hawk found himself listening to big band sounds like Count Bassie, Louis Jordan and Benny Goodman when his peers were listening to rock. It took Levy 17 years of music appreciation before he discovered the blues at a Nighthawks show with his pal Mike Ancona. The next day Hawk took up an instrument, the harmonica. Levy took to the instrument rapidly, craving to play at every possible opportunity.  Within 8 months he had his own band, Harps ‘N Chords. By 14 months Harps .N Chords were paying blues festivals.

            During the next 15 years Hawk later became known as Hurricaine Hawk which evolved into a band called Hurricaine Hawk and the Invaders. 
        The original band included Tommy D’Stephano aka Big Daddy of Big daddy and the Reign, John Stratton, Tony Mancuso and Dave Race.  The band members have evolved . From 1995 to present the invaders played regionally around Florida and at numerous festivals, including the prestigious Riverwalk Blues Festival for 4 years.

            Hawk has shared the stage with some great blues performers, just some of which included, Ana Popovick, Pinetop Perkins,  Bob Margolin, The Nighthaws,  Victor Wainright, James Peterson, Jimmy Thackery, John Cephas and Phil Wiggins, Cookie and the Vagrantz,TDave Scott, The Dhali Lamas, Sapphire, Benoit King, and Rock Bottom,  to name a few. During his tenure in the blues he has produced 3 recordings, Harps N Chords , Hurricaine Hawk and the Invaders (Emotional Invasion), and Hurricaine Hawk & Midnight Johnny.  Levy has recorded on other numerous  recordings. 

            Theater in recent years opened Levy to a different creative avenue to pursue. He performed and sang as a featured artist in MJM Productions Tommy and Jesus Christ Superstar with numerous supporting roles in both.

            In 2003 Hawk was given the opportunity to host a blues show on NPR Radio affiliate WQCS 88.9 FM. His show ran for 67 weeks as the Hurriciane Hawk Blues Hour. The Blues hour spanned all of  the jump, and swing era music that was so closely related to the blues and core blues classics. The show was educational as well as informative as Levy delved into the depths of the origination of the blues. Levy connected the start of the blues as hollers in the fields of slavery to the swing and jump era of Louis Jordan, all the way on up to the rocking blues of today.  The show was well received from Cocoa Beach to Boca Raton Florida.           

             Hurricane Hawk & the Invaders is a jumpin and swinging band that will get you up on your feet. During one of their shows you are going to hear some recognizable covers, but most of their tunes are catchy, tongue and Cheek Originals. This band can work any number of players, from an acoustic blues duo to a 7 piece band.

            Hawk Levy has assembled and performed in bands that have played varied venues often at festivals and large events. He has performed from California to Florida. Hawk's catchy  lyrics keeps audiences listening for more,   singing and dancing along to originals like Give It Up, Some Kinda Woman, and Daytime Dancer. And you'll laugh at tunes like "The New Hokee Pokee" and "This Dating Thing (Scares the Hell out of Me)". Don't miss one of their high energy showsH 

Hurricaine Hawk Levy  is currently producing other events under the name Hawkeye Productions, which includes  the annual Big Daddy Blues Festival, named after his longtime music partner Tommy DeStefano, fondly known as Big Daddy.   a beneficiary of this Blues Festival is the Treasure Coast Blues Society which helps fund two programs. 1 is the Big Daddy musicians relief Foundation, and the other is the Dale Trefelner scholarship fund

Hawk Levy  is also currently the president of the Treasure Coast BlueSociety,

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